Monday, 9 September 2013

Book Monopoly

I tweeted a photo of my Book Monopoly Board last week and a number of people wanted to know how it works - too much for a tweet!  So here we go:

Towards the end of last term, someone on SLN (School Librarians Network - a yahoo mailing list) mentioned a book monopoly game that they play with their pupils and I thought it sounded like a brilliant idea to try here to get pupils to try different genres.

If you google 'monopoly template' there are lots available, and it is just a case of changing the names of the streets!  I used a 'poster' template on Publisher and so printed it really big for a display in the library and brought a die in to school.  Each label has a picture of one of the traditional Monopoly pieces, but obviously I have more than 6 players!

The rules are very simple: 
Pick a book from the genre of the street you have landed on.
Before your next roll you must pass an AR* quiz on the book,
write a review or draw an illustration
Mrs Fielding chooses a book for you
Community Chest
Choose a book that another pupil recommends
Free Parking
You choose any book!
Sweet shop
instant sweet and another roll
10 points**
instant 10 points and another roll
25 points for passing ‘Go’!**

On my board I don't have 'jail', I have extra 'free parking'.  

*AR = Accelerated Reader.
** we have a House Point system so all the points go towards rewards.

Some of you will know that my school is being closed down, we only have 125 pupils left, mainly in year 11 (the rest is a small year 9) so I have opened it up to all pupils and was really surprised at how many year 11s wanted to get on there.  I now have about 60 pupils signed up so it is rather crowded along the bottom!

Anyway, that's it, simples!

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  1. Love the Monopoply idea! We don't have AR but I'm sure I can adapt - as my Library Management System has a book review option.
    Thanks for sharing.