Friday, 11 May 2012

cpd23 Thing 1

Continuing professional development is very important in a Librarian's career - keeping up with developments in the profession - so cpd23 ran last year as a self-directed course to introduce participants to useful tools, both traditional and new.  It is being run again this year and started on May 7th with Thing 1 (of 23, hence cpd23), so I'm already running late but I plan to catch up!

I've decided to take part this year because one of the things on my list of 'must do's in my 30th year is to Charter.  I got my MA in Library and Information Studies nearly 5 years ago but was stuck as a Library Assistant in public libraries for a couple of years before getting my current job, in which I feel like I do enough to qualify for Chartership.  I've been working in my school for nearly 3 years now though and have only got as far as printing out the form to register to Charter...stating my intentions publicly might embarrass me into getting on with it!

I'm particularly looking forward to the parts of the course that are about organising and presenting myself and my work/references, I think they'll be most useful in day to day library life as well as getting my Chartership portfolio sorted in a timely fashion.  I've already got the blog for Thing 1, and a reasonable online presence, so I'm not too worried about the first few Things although I'm sure they'll highlight stuff I've never realised/done and remind me of things I've not used effectively yet.  There's nothing in the timetable that I don't think will be worthwhile, the only thing that worries me is keeping up - I should be doing Thing 2 by now!  That can be Sunday's task :-)

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  1. Great reading other school librarian's posts and their reason for taking part. Good Luck with chartership,