Monday, 14 May 2012

#cpd23 Thing 2 and Thing 3

Feels very Dr Seuss!
So Thing 2 is to find some other blogs to follow.  I already follow a lot of children's/teen/YA book review sites but not actually all that many Librarians so it was good to look at the cpd23 delicious page to find some other school libbies taking part.  Also interesting to see others reasons for signing up, I'm not the only one doing it as a kick up the bum to further my professional development!  I think one of the best things about 'social networking' is the opportunity to share good practice - obviously most useful if you're sharing it with people in the same field as you!  I commented on a few (can't figure out how to comment on tumblr without creating an account, mind!) but have added a number of new blogs to my blog roll, hopefully I'll have time to keep track of them.  I'm thinking getting on board on delicious might make it easier, lucky that's one of the later Things!

Thing 3 is to consider one's Personal Brand online.
Name: It was easy for me to choose the name for my blog because it has been my online nickname for as long as the internet has existed (almost, since about 1996 anyway).  I have it as my twitter name, and have been on there for a few years now.
Photograph: The photograph was easy as well - I love this weemee - it actually looks a bit like me!
Professional/personal identity: I decided to keep facebook personal and blog/twitter professional and a bit more anonymous (although it isn't hard to figure out who I am) so never tweet or blog about personal things.  It annoys me a little bit actually, when people tweet private things as it is such a public forum - I didn't 'lock' my tweets so that only my followers can see them because I know that I won't say anything that I don't want everyone to know.  That doesn't mean it isn't any fun to follow (hopefully) but it does mean that, although some of my personality comes through, my private life is still private.
Visual brand: My blog is black and red because I love Dennis the Menace, it probably makes it hard to read but meh!  I tried to change it once and got confused by all the add-ons moving around the page...if I get complaints I'll figure out how to change it :-)  My twitter has one of the default backgrounds, but I have the same avatar for both.  Facebook is completely personal so completely separate.  Maybe I'll consider fiddling my twitter background to match the blog.

Activity: Google your name to see what comes up.  I'll do this from a school computer tomorrow - I don't want to log out of everything on here!  I'm sure that nothing terrible will come up, just links to my twitter account and this blog, but it will be interesting to see what comes up!

Optional extra activity: "Try asking someone else (such as one of the other programme participants) what they think your blog says about your personal brand. Are the words they suggest ones that you feel describe you? If not, consider why that might be and how you could change that perception" ~~> so what do you think?


  1. Hello, you appear to have put very succinctly exactly what I've just spent ages trying to write in a way that makes sense!
    I like reading grey on black, but without your explanation might have thought you were a fan of vampire novels :-)

  2. Hi. Got an email saying you had left a comment on my blog, but for some reason its not showing up, so I thought I'd answer you on your blog. I have been really lucky with my mentor(s). The first was an old colleague from my public library days who is also a governor at my school. When she was unable to continue mentoring me (for reasons not to do with me), I was lucky enough to be in contact with someone who I had met on a CPD23 meet up last year and who kindly offered to take me on. Every other Thursday from 6.30 -7.30 there is a chartership chat on Twitter (#chartership)which I find useful in meeting other chartees and mentors and so you might find a contact there who can help re your search for a mentor.

  3. I googled myself - my name is relatively common but there was nothing terrible about me, when I google CazApr1 just about every link is blog and twitter related - me commenting on other things as well as my own page. Some of the comments were pretty old despite being high in the google ranking, reminds you to only write things you want the whole world to be able to read forever!